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Content is still King

     If you can’t hold on to a potential customer (sticky website) long enough to get their contact information, you’ll never convert them to a real live customer.  The overall goal is to make your website more susceptible to search engine spiders and your customers.  Google has a 10-point scale called PageRank to indicate the quantity and quality of incoming links. Typically content is a major key to a good web site.  Most sites are nothing more than a graphical representation of content.  The content is organized and jazzed up to make it easier to digest and understand.  In the old days (around 1999) web designers could trick search engine robots or spiders by placing key words in the Meta tags of a website.  Meta tags are the part of your web page that the browser does not display.  Placing a large amount of key words in the Meta tags would result in high rankings of the search engines.  Thus any “fly by night” website could end up on page one of the search results, therefore getting a lot of traffic and potential customers.  In the modern age we live in today, search engines don’t put much weight on the Meta tags, if they consider them for rankings at all, making this technique pointless. Nothing beats content in today’s search engine driven environment

     There are two legitament ways to getting on page one of search results.  The easiest way is to pay for it. You pay for the rankings by running ad campaigns with the search engines (Google, Yahoo!, MSN, ect.).  The other way is to build a site that is content rich that offers the viewers a reward for pursuing your site. The reward being the information they want. It is the information age, after all!  If you’re selling something you must become an expert on it.  You communicate this expertise and knowledge by putting what you know on your website.


     This brings us to keywords Keywords are words and phrases your potential customer would type into the search engine to find information on your product or service. The tricky part is blending the key words into your content without making it obvious or distracting the reader from your message. Web Custodians will help you with that endeavor, whether it involves rewriting an existing page or starting from scratch. The good news is that once you figure out your key words they are usually the same words used in any ad campaign you may build.