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Ok- so you have a web site or two like most people and businesses.  But is your site up to date?  What is its organic search result ranking?  Is it sticky or do your potential customers slide off of it as if it was teflon?  Do you even know?  If you answered “no” or “I don’t know” to any of these questions, Web Custodians can help you.  Web Custodians’ forte is updates and changes. Yes we do the grunt work for you. The stuff your secretary is suppose to do!

Our passion, however, is digital marketing.  If you need some help with your web marketing, we’ll begin by analyzing where you are. We then build a web marketing plan that suits your needs and budget. Once we have the plan it’s only a matter of execution. We do that in bite sized phases measuring the results as we go. Call today 513-349-4325.